My Experience with publishing a course on Udemy

Backstory: After publishing a series on how to make an Endless runner with Unity & Playmaker, the views on my YouTube channel amplified. I got more engagement through comments and likes. I started earning a bit more. After my earnings reached around 28.5$ YouTube announced a change in it's monetization policy! And BAM!! My YouTube earnings were stuck. One day Rizwan Ashraf, BraveWarrior Games ( huge thanks to him ) suggested I should publish a course on a platform so that both discoverability and earning needs are met. And then I did a little research on what platforms are the best and then I found Udemy. Course Creation: First off, I looked through the eligibility criteria and took the instructor verification process of Udemy after which I started working on the actual course. I created the game I wanted to teach through the course, broke it down into segments and drafted a script for how I would go about to teach the basics of Playmaker and make a game out of it. It took me around two weeks to produce the video content and another week to edit the video and audio (I was using a BM-800 for recording the commentary) for the course. Marketing: Now the course is all published, I started getting my first enrollments and reviews which I was super happy with! But then since this game is targeted towards a specific group of game developers who do not prefer programming, I had to find out ways to extend my hand apart from Udemy's promotion. I created a discount coupon and posted it out on my YouTube channel with the course trailer, Playmaker (Hutong Games) forum and social media. There was a month where my course received more enrollments through my marketing than Udemy's promotion.

As of now I am about to reach 100 students on my course. I have drafted a script for my second course which I want to increase both quality and duration so that it will have more retention and engagement for the students enrolled.

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Karthik Vaddadi | 2020